Thursday, July 17, 2014

Jamberry Nails Review and Giveaway!

I've always loved doing my nails, but I constantly struggle with them because I am so messy. They always end up looking splattered and smudged like I just poured nail polish onto my nails and then patted it down with my fingers, hoping for the best. And that's just when I try to do one color! 

I was so excited when I learned about Jamberry Nail Wraps, because they are easy to do, require no drying time, and have adorable designs! So when my mom's friend Misty contacted her about my mom and I doing a review for Jamberry, I was pretty excited! 

Here you can see some of the many designs Jamberry has! 

Misty was so sweet and sent us not only 2 sheets of Jamberry Nails, but also an Application Kit! 

Here are the steps we followed for awesome nails! 

  1. Trim, file, clean nails.
  2. Peel nail wrap from backing and heat with hair dryer (or the mini Jamberry Heater) for 3-5 seconds, until soft and pliable
  3. Place on nail, adhesive side down. 
  4. Firmly press down with rubber cuticle stick (provided in application kit)
  5. Trim nail wrap along top edge of nail with manicure scissors.
  6. Give nail wraps another rubbing to firmly secure all edges to your nail and then stand back and admire!
And here is a picture of my nails after applied: 

My mom's nails: 

These were really pretty easy to do, and we finished them in about 30 minutes. You could probably finish them faster after you've gotten the hang of it, but we were still trying to figure everything out. 

I love the fact that Jamberry Nails are easy to do and super cute! I would definitely do them again! If you would like to purchase your own set of Jamberry Nails, go to Misty's Jamberry Website. If you're looking for additional opportunities to win free products, Misty is also having a Jamberry Nails facebook party right now. 

Now for the fun part - the giveaway! You can enter below to win a $25 gift certificate(the winner will need to create a customer account on Misty's Jamberry Website). This giveaway is for USA winners only. 


  1. My favorite is actually the one that you showed! The mint and gold. :) The other one would be the one with the words...

  2. Doing our nails together was fun! We need to do it again! :) I want to try the pink Ombre nail wraps next! :)

  3. It's hard to decide between all the designs (haha) but I do kinda like this one And I like giveaways but I wanna see you post more! I miss your posts. :(

  4. My favorite designs are "Plain Jane", "Trendsetter", and "Polka Dot Princess"!! I've heard a lot about Jamberry nails, but I've never tried them myself. :)

  5. My favorite three are: "Queen Anne", "A Touch of Lace", and the "SC Gamecocks" (Perfect for football season!)

  6. These look amazing! And I love your blog!


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